Before & After: The Girls’ Bedroom

About a year ago, we looked around and realized our girls were no longer littles, but rather knocking on the teenager door. It was time to rethink the space to accommodate their growing needs. This was the room when we bought the house. #thatsalotofbeige And here it is when we decorated it the first time. The walls were a minty green, which was the perfect color. We opted to paint the ceiling since we've got a weird dormer situation going ...

That Thing I Never Thought I’d Get the Chance to Do

When my debut book hit bookshelves on August 30, 2019, that felt like a dream. But this other thing I got to do? It might've been even sweeter. I mean, I worked my hiney off to write the book, work with a publisher and get it in your hands. But, as I wrote it, I always hoped you'd actually get to hear my twang, my inflection, my emotion as I read the words in the way I hope you heard ...

Plum Paper Planner: An Honest Review

I'm a planner. No pun intended. People often ask me how I do it all, and my answer is really simple: priorities and time management. We choose where we spend our time. During pandemic, I've done a terrible job keeping track of my productivity. And not just that, but I haven't been spending my time in the most productive of ways these last few months. This week, I started logging my time in 15-minute increments using this free tool. Um, ...

Before & After: The Back Patio

Our back patio is usually the place we gather in spring and fall (the mosquitos haven't quite shown up yet and the temps are mild), but during quarantine 2020 it has gotten a workout. Two years ago, we expanded the concrete. What a game changer! And last spring, we added seating and a table. This spring, Scott added lights. Now, if only we could get the grass to grow. With big oak trees, though, you either get shade or grass, ...

Here and There

The last few weeks, some podcasts and YouTube videos I've been in have gone live and I wanted to share them with you. Primarly, because in each, I share things I rarely talk about online. Also, if you missed my SiriusXM special on The Catholic Channel, it's still available to listen to on the app, if you have a subscription. I was terrified (ha!), but I had such a great time talking to callers, interviewing Sr. Maria Fatima, O.P., and ...

Fertility and my Love-Hate Relationship with It

A little more than 16 years ago, I sat on the couch with my new baby in my arms and tears in my eyes. "Scott, I can't have any more babies. It's too hard." Back in 2004, I was the mom of two and I had hit my wall. We had just started practicing a natural method of birth control, Natural Family Planning (NFP), and I absolutely hated it. Our baby wasn't sleeping (he had horrific colic) and I felt ...


... and welcome to the chaos. I know a thing or two about big families (I've got 6 kids), carpool, Catholic converts, the Texas Aggies, prematurity, date nights with Mr. Whitaker, organization and party planning, but I still don't know why it's so hard for my kids to  put up their shoes. My Texas-sized heart is honored to have you here! Contact me at

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