Before & After: The Back Patio

Our back patio is usually the place we gather in spring and fall (the mosquitos haven't quite shown up yet and the temps are mild), but during quarantine 2020 it has gotten a workout. Two years ago, we expanded the concrete. What a game changer! And last spring, we added seating and a table. This spring, Scott added lights. Now, if only we could get the grass to grow. With big oak trees, though, you either get shade or grass, ...

Here and There

The last few weeks, some podcasts and YouTube videos I've been in have gone live and I wanted to share them with you. Primarly, because in each, I share things I rarely talk about online. Also, if you missed my SiriusXM special on The Catholic Channel, it's still available to listen to on the app, if you have a subscription. I was terrified (ha!), but I had such a great time talking to callers, interviewing Sr. Maria Fatima, O.P., and ...

Fertility and my Love-Hate Relationship with It

A little more than 16 years ago, I sat on the couch with my new baby in my arms and tears in my eyes. "Scott, I can't have any more babies. It's too hard." Back in 2004, I was the mom of two and I had hit my wall. We had just started practicing a natural method of birth control, Natural Family Planning (NFP), and I absolutely hated it. Our baby wasn't sleeping (he had horrific colic) and I felt ...

Road Trip Meal Planning

I know some of you read that title and were like, "yeah, Kathryn, it's called an oxymoron." Most of the time when we travel, it's a combination of food we take, food we buy and food we eat at friends' houses. Enter, a global pandemic. When we decided to embark on a 9-day road trip from Texas to Utah, we felt like it was prudent (and more safe and affordable) to prepare all our meals, or at least take the ...

Charity. What Happened to That?

When I was a senior in high school, I walked in the door of my journalism class and met a teacher that changed my life. It was her first year teaching and my last year of high school. She's the reason I write, take chances and share my heart with the world. Back in 1991, my world was very black and white. This is wrong, this is right and if you don't see it that way, you're clearly doing it ...

Cupcake Baking Party, in Pandemic Style

When you have a teenager, turning 15, during a global pandemic you get creative. My girl loves to bake, but our dreams of having all the girls over to bake and decorate cupcakes (and do other crafts) in our kitchen just didn't seem safe or smart, all things considered. So, we moved it outside. Anna-Laura baked the cupcakes ahead of time and then we used a painter's palette to hold all the toppings and each girl got her own bag ...


... and welcome to the chaos. I know a thing or two about big families (I've got 6 kids), carpool, Catholic converts, the Texas Aggies, prematurity, date nights with Mr. Whitaker, organization and party planning, but I still don't know why it's so hard for my kids to  put up their shoes. My Texas-sized heart is honored to have you here! Contact me at

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