2020 Gift Guide

I love the holidays. And, good Lord do we need some joy in 2020. The past three years (2017, 2018 and 2019), I put together gift guides in hopes that it would inspire you with finding a meaningful gift for someone you love. This year’s was so much fun to put together. Curating these guide reminded me of two important things:

  1. If I had a guide for everything I loved, we’d be here a while. I limit myself to 30ish products a year. Enjoy the products from each of those guides and know that it is impossible to include all the shops and creators I love! Oh, and anything I reference on Amazon is housed on my page for easy access.
  2. Every budget is different so I try, very hard, to share things at multiple price points.

Giving gifts is meant to be an act of love, not something that causes you stress or puts you in the red. If there’s something YOU love that’s not in my guides, by all means leave me a comment! I love discovering new shops and products (much to Mr. Whitaker’s chagrin). Ha!

*This post contains affiliate links*

It seems appropriate to start with the person that usually puts herself last. Moms! I swear by this budget-friendly dress from Amazon that comes in a million colors, hey Amazon Prime. The virgin Mary ring from James Avery is new to their lineup this year and I *love* mine. Sylvia from Keeping MC has so many beautiful wooden pieces, but I’m a little partial to that cutting board. And, my audio book, Live Big, Love Bigger, was pure joy for me to record for you!

2020 has been something else #understatementoftheyear. If you aren’t following El Arroyo and their infamous signs on Instagram, you should be. They even made a few into yard signs! “Don’t stand on issues, walk with people” is probably one of my most favorite sayings this year, ht/ to Carlos Whittaker (one of the best on the Internet) and now it’s on a t-shirt. Can we call it 2020 without a mask? This Marian mask from Elizabeth of Betty Jo Sews is just too beautiful. Evangelization comes in many forms.

I’ve been dutifully taking care of my skin since my tween years, so trust me when I tell you that a good cleanser and moisturizer will be your best friends for life. Beautycounter is serious about making clean makeup (concealer, gloss, golden hour palette) and skincare (all bright c serum, lotus glow cleansing balm, charcoal mask) that actually works. And, I’m serious about sharing it because I believe in it. I’m just a bit addicted to our glosses (amber shimmer and rosewood are tops for me), but remember that creating a base of healthy skin should be a priority.

My most meaningful time of the day is my dishwashing prayer time. I swear by my Casabella gloves, stylish, durable and PINK. Then, I light my Corda candle (this one is heavenly) and cue up the Spotify playlist. And, I’m loving this new St. Teresa of Avila dish towel by Be a Heart, “God walks among the pots and pans.” He sure does, y’all.

Over the years, I’ve shared lots of ideas for little boys and girls. They’re so fun to shop for, aren’t they? This brand-new book by Marzipantz (pre-sale ends 11/11/20, then you can find it on Amazon). “Sleepytime Saints” is *just* adorable. If you’re looking for a way to bring the liturgical season into your home without doing all the leg work, this subscription to Catholic Family Crate is a winner. And who doesn’t love a color changing cup (you get 5!) from Brick House in the City.

Oh, college kids (especially boys) are crazy hard to buy for unless you’re getting them a Whataburger gift card (which I highly recommend). My friend and author, Dr. Jill Grimes wrote an incredibly helpful book for college kids. Have one flying the nest soon? You’re gonna want to gift them this. I just can’t quit a good YETI tumbler mug and this one is perfect for coffee (if you’re into that) or tea! And, for the driver in the house, Annunciation Designs has this cool leather keychain, with a nod to Bl. Pier Giorgio, verso l’alto or “to the heights.”

Shopping for teen girls can be a little tricky, but hopefully these three ideas get the wheels turning. Where my 80s people at? Lipsmackers anyone? The new Beautycounter jellies (both in shimmers and brights) are the coolest. This sticker and pin from Rakstar Designs carry such an important message. And, if your teen girl is anything like my two, then a calligraphy workbook from Be a Heart is a sure hit.

It was Mary’s yes to birth Jesus, to mother him and to love him that encourages me everyday. And, I absolutely love these items that give her honor and glory. A Pod and Her Peas tote (she restocks at the end of November), that beautiful necklace by House of Joppa and the insulated wine tumbler (you can personalize it!) from The Catholic Company are all such lovely ways to honor her, aren’t they? **Use “KATHRYN15” to receive 15% off any purchase at The Catholic Company!

I wouldn’t really call myself an outdoors person, but I sure did marry one! Marriage is about compromise, so I finally broke down and got a pair of rainboots that will last. Love me some Hunter‘s. Our trek through more than a dozen national parks was made significantly easier with our water buffalo – a reliable, durable and affordable knock-off of the camelback. And, please tell me you know about the awesomeness of Sub Par Parks. Real one-star reviews made into stickers, prints and postcards. Hilarious!

Filling our house with creative and beautiful art is a way to invite Jesus and His love into our home. You certainly can’t go wrong with a print from Oh Happy Dani, a calendar or stickers from Providential Co or artwork from Colors by Natalie. Just lovely.

I would be remiss if I didn’t share ideas for the priest or pastor in your life. Above all, the greatest gift you can give your pastor is encouragement and prayers. Often, we are quick to criticize (the religious education program is isn’t good enough, the homily too long or the bathroom faucets leaking) and slow to lift them up. Send them a note offering your prayers and sharing just how grateful you are for them. It goes such a long way. And, if the cat’s got your tongue, then a black YETI anything (you can personalize it!) or that Chi-Rhopener devotional multi tool from Holy Armament are just awesome.

That’s a wrap on the 2020 gift guide! Make sure you’re following me on Instagram. I’m giving away even more favorites of mine from more than a dozen creators and businesses every Friday this November.


  1. Claire on November 10, 2020 at 8:14 am

    These gift ideas are great, especially the Marian Mask! My mom will LOVE that! Thank you!

  2. Gina Pilewski on November 11, 2020 at 2:00 pm

    I know your days are crazy and life hectic, but if you get a chance check out leannebowen and her beautiful art. She is a former FOCUS missionary and her daily reflections (on Instagram) calm my soul.

    Holding you and ALL your family in my most ardent prayers…..especially your precious dad…I feel your heart all the way up north to Pennsylvania!

    • Kathryn on November 11, 2020 at 3:42 pm

      Thank you!!

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