Before & After (again): Laundry Room

What is this? Like, take four on this space?!

Originally, we were sporting some *nice* linoleum and virtually no usable storage in our laundry room. It wasn’t functional and it certainly wasn’t pretty. But, it was white which means a blank slate!

There’s a long story of peel and stick flooring, a pipe leak, torn out walls and new flooring to this room’s saga. But suffice it to say, I wanted one last refresh to really polish her off. That’s what a pandemic will do. Help you finally tackle the spaces that need attention.

I mean, if you’re gonna do 15 loads of laundry a week, they might as well get clean in a pretty space.

This room is the first one you walk into from the garage (that top middle photo gives you some perspective). Someday I’ll have a mudroom, but it won’t be any day soon. It was time to make this pass-thru space fresh, clean, decluttered and updated.

We repainted the walls from dark aqua to “swimming.” I just can’t quit summer, y’all. It’s my favorite season.

I cleaned up the basket situation, did some major decluttering (I even found the college kid’s cleaning supplies, ha!) and deep cleaned the space. If you’ll remember during pandemic (as in the first two weeks when we all thought it would be over soon), I repainted all the baseboards and doors, as well as replaced the hardware from worn out brass to black. Finally, we added a new light fixture and swapped out the old brass one.

Because I’m a details gal, these weren’t lost on me. We have a magnetic board for all the invitations, permission slips and important things we need to grab on the way out the door. The wire basket of everyday cleaning items make it easy for us to have access to common cleaning supplies, but still keeps them out of reach of little hands. The basket includes my magic solution, carpet cleaner, bleach wipes, vinegar/water and glass cleaner. I was thrilled to receive this Holy Family print from Salutations Little Sis. It’s in a plexiglass magnetic hanger that fits perfectly on the fridge. And, those washing label printables I created? Love them! You can purchase them for $5 for all six. Just shoot me your email!

And that’s a wrap on our space, refreshed, lightened up and oh-so-happy. I absolutely love coming in here, now. If only I could find the laundry fairy…

Vendor Credits
Light fixture: Wayfair
White baskets, plastic detergent holder, shelving: Container Store
Frames: Aaron Brothers (not in business anymore, but similar from Michaels)
Paint: Swimming by Sherwin Williams
Wire basket: Crate & Barrel
Red bucket: Target
Washer & Dryer: LG
Magnetic board: Etsy shop that’s no longer in business
Fridge: our awesome neighbors!


  1. Elda on September 10, 2020 at 10:28 am

    Love it!!!!!!

  2. Teresa on September 10, 2020 at 3:09 pm

    Katherine – congrats on a lovely makeover! Everything looks so pretty and fresh and practical! I love it. I notice you’ve switched from front loaders to top loading appliances. I was curious if you were unhappy with the front loaders or just time for a change (I’m currently debating whether to make the switch to front loaders).

    • Kathryn on September 10, 2020 at 3:10 pm

      I hated the front loader! It always smelled and I never could leave the door open as it was a pass thru space. I absolutely love the top loader now. Glad to make the switch.

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