Charity. What Happened to That?

When I was a senior in high school, I walked in the door of my journalism class and met a teacher that changed my life. It was her first year teaching and my last year of high school. She's the reason I write, take chances and share my heart with the world. Back in 1991, my world was very black and white. This is wrong, this is right and if you don't see it that way, you're clearly doing it ...

Cupcake Baking Party, in Pandemic Style

When you have a teenager, turning 15, during a global pandemic you get creative. My girl loves to bake, but our dreams of having all the girls over to bake and decorate cupcakes (and do other crafts) in our kitchen just didn't seem safe or smart, all things considered. So, we moved it outside. Anna-Laura baked the cupcakes ahead of time and then we used a painter's palette to hold all the toppings and each girl got her own bag ...

Know a Graduate? 60+ Gift Ideas!

The older our kids get, the bigger the pile of graduation announcements that fill our mailbox. It's just as much fun as receiving Christmas cards! For many of these kids, we've known them since birth or the early years, while some are new friends to the family. Either way, I love celebrating college and high school graduates. The hard part is knowing which gift will be the most appreciated. Last spring, we put together a guy and girl basket of ...

Rock on! Anna-Laura is 15!

Quarantine has been a big birthday stretch for us - three in two months! We're postponing the party until next weekend because we wanted it to double as a "praise the Lord school is over" shindig, too. And, we should be in Phase II here in Texas, which means a bit more social interaction. Y'all know the drill. Anna-Laura, this birthday letter is for you! Dear Anna-Laura, You're fifteen and I am pretty sure as soon as you wake up ...

“Donut Grow Up” Quarantine Birthday Party

Last September, Gianna started talking about how much she loved donuts. I said, "Maybe we could do a donut party?" And lo and behold, that little stinker never forgot. In fact, we've been hearing about this infamous donut party for 9 solid months. When COVID-19 hit, I was like, oh hell no. We are having a party no matter what (socially distanced and CDC compliant, of course). So we did. I texted her Godparents, family and a handful of her ...

Six, How Sweet it is

Scott looked at me yesterday and said, "Is she really six?" As I put Gianna to bed last night, I glanced up at the framed photos in her room. They're some of my favorites. As she snuggled in tight, she laid her head on my chest and said, "Let's pray, mama. I'm tired." And I wanted to broadcast the moment - not just because of its pure sweetness - but also for the many people who raised their eyebrows at ...


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