My Best Tips for Taking a Kick Tail Meal to a Friend

With six babies (including a preemie) and a whole slew of major surgeries, we’ve been the beneficiaries of many a meal, brought by friends.  So much generosity! I know how hard it is to cook dinner every night for my brood, so the fact that someone else cooks for us while whipping up something for their family, too, makes me that much more grateful!  So many nights I wanted to weep with joy that I did not have to cook ...

He’s Eleven! And Boy was that Hard Won.

Eleven. I know with each passing birthday I'm more and more in awe of just how quickly the years pass by, but especially so with Luke. For those new here, he's our preemie. The one who shouldn't have survived, but did. His story is one of grace, humility and profound surrender. But today isn't really about me, it's about how glorious it is that he gets to celebrate his eleventh birthday today (with a "the boy who lived" Harry Potter ...

Before & After (again): Laundry Room

What is this? Like, take four on this space?! Originally, we were sporting some *nice* linoleum and virtually no usable storage in our laundry room. It wasn't functional and it certainly wasn't pretty. But, it was white which means a blank slate! There's a long story of peel and stick flooring, a pipe leak, torn out walls and new flooring to this room's saga. But suffice it to say, I wanted one last refresh to really polish her off. That's ...

My Heart, it is Weary

Before I come barreling out of the gates (forgive the bull riding analogy, I am Texan), I want to make it clear that this post is written for one person: 2019 Kathryn, the person I once was. It's my prayer that a few of you might find some solidarity in that. Politics. That one word makes us all uncomfortable, doesn't it? But you know what two words should make us more uncomfortable? The Gospels. I'd like to tell you that ...

Before & After: The Girls’ Bedroom

About a year ago, we looked around and realized our girls were no longer littles, but rather knocking on the teenager door. It was time to rethink the space to accommodate their growing needs. This was the room when we bought the house. #thatsalotofbeige And here it is when we decorated it the first time. The walls were a minty green, which was the perfect color. We opted to paint the ceiling since we've got a weird dormer situation going ...

That Thing I Never Thought I’d Get the Chance to Do

When my debut book hit bookshelves on August 30, 2019, that felt like a dream. But this other thing I got to do? It might've been even sweeter. I mean, I worked my hiney off to write the book, work with a publisher and get it in your hands. But, as I wrote it, I always hoped you'd actually get to hear my twang, my inflection, my emotion as I read the words in the way I hope you heard ...


... and welcome to the chaos. I know a thing or two about big families (I've got 6 kids), carpool, Catholic converts, the Texas Aggies, prematurity, date nights with Mr. Whitaker, organization and party planning, but I still don't know why it's so hard for my kids to  put up their shoes. My Texas-sized heart is honored to have you here! Contact me at

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