2019 Gift Guide

‘Tis the season! I love putting these together. I tried to give y’all a mix of Amazon Prime, small business owners, companies that I personally know the owner and my absolute must-have favorites. Most of these companies and products are on sale now through Cyber Monday, hooray for that!

I know it can be a season of over-indulging – in gifts, in food and in commitments. My hope and desire was to simplify some of that. Only you know your budget, your people, your tastes and your limitations. I pray that this listing of ideas is helpful. And, don’t forget to check out the 2018 and 2017 guides, too. Each year I have different categories, so you might find a winner in a past guide! As always, shop with intention and enjoy this season of showing people how much you love them. It isn’t the size or the dollar amount of the gift, it’s the spirit in which you give it.

My most popular DMs (direct messages) are about my earrings. Who knew? I can attest that all three of these brands are some of my favorites. One can never go wrong with James Avery, a Texas staple. I’ve been a super fan for years. And word on the street is I’ll have a sweet giveaway coming VERY soon! I have these Kendra Scott earrings in silver and gold. And, I love a big earring that doesn’t yank my ear off. These Nickel and Suede earrings are lightweight and gorgeous.

I had my fair share of traveling this fall and these products? They saved me. That Vera Bradley (shout out to my Ft. Wayne gals) toiletry bag has a hanger and the pockets are roomy and leakproof. I hate taking off my makeup and carrying lots of product when I’m on the road, which means the Beautycounter makeup wipes were fantastic. Yes, they remove waterproof mascara! And, even though I’m an extrovert, planes meant I popped in my AirPods and binge watched Jack Ryan and whatever else Southwest Airlines had on the WiFi network, looking at you Crazy Rich Asians.

Keep scrolling if Texas isn’t your jam, but you knew I’d have a category for all things Lonestar didn’t you? Since 1996, our family has been collecting the State Capitol ornaments. We love hanging them on the tree every year. My brother swears by TX Whiskey. I’m not a whiskey gal (don’t ask, long story), but this one has a hint of caramel and there’s a super cool story about every bottle’s lid. Texas Humor makes THE best shirts, soft and hilarious. Best combo ever.

So many prints, so little time. Erica of Be a Heart Design has a ridiculous amount of beautiful pieces, for your home, your next party, your baby, gah!! Jessica from Sweet Little Ones just launched this liturgical art collection and I am in love. It’s genius and so intentional. Heather Scheider has a unique art style and her prints for Advent are just spectacular. Bra-vo.

If you like to party as much as I do, or you know someone who does, then I think these three ideas might just save you. That apron! Another gem from Be a Heart. That Instant Pot! It will easily save you when you forget to defrost the roast and it needs to cook in an hour. That dip bowl and spoon! Mud Pie has the cutest serving ware. I found a ton of it at Bucee’s, but I know Macy’s and Amazon carry it, too.

I’m a believer that you should attend at least one party this holiday season. If you’ve followed me on social media for any amount of time, you know that I am a massive superfan of White House Black Market. Their pieces are classic and I keep them forever. Kelly Wynne’s wristlet is just the right amount of bling and the perfect size for a sans kids evening out. She happens to be a friend of mine and dang, does she have mad designing skills. Add a little pop of sparkly on those eyes with Beautycounter. Never fear, though, it’s shimmer so you don’t have to worry about getting glitter in those pretty eyes of yours.

Can I get a holla for things less than $25?! That maxi dress comes in one-billion colors (okay, maybe like 25, but still!) and it has pockets. That reverse-close umbrella is just genius. Why didn’t I think of that? And, I couldn’t have a gift guide without featuring my book. I happen to know of a pretty awesome sale coming on Friday so be on the lookout for that code!

What a joy to promote three small businesses, all folks I know and admire! Holy Armament makes amazing rosaries that are sturdy and beautiful (and I promise they’re not all maroon and white). Clarey Clayworks is known for its baptism, first communion and confirmation bowls, but I sure am crushing on these ornaments. Humble Mission Beads makes the loveliest bracelets and I’m so proud to feature a growing small business! If you’re looking for even more Catholic gifts, go check out Busted Halo’s guide. It’s fantastic.

At age 13, my mom sat me down and showed me how to take care of my skin. I am forever grateful to her. There’s so much junk out there, full of toxic chemicals, so you can bet I was thrilled to find a company that refuses to use junk and still provides affordable skincare and makeup. Love me some Beautycounter. These are my absolute favorites! Just click on “Kathryn’s holiday sale” when you check out.

If you’re looking at all these ideas, wishing you had a bigger money tree, you aren’t alone. Maybe consider gifting an hour of prayer in adoration, babysitting for a few hours for a friend or sharing your love with a homemade meal. Love comes in lots of forms and it doesn’t always have to cost money.

There are a ton more things I could’ve featured, but nobody wants to read a 400-page blog post. Ha! If I missed someone or something you love, leave it in the comments and let’s go support a business!

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  1. Nicole on November 26, 2019 at 10:17 am

    “It isn’t the size or the dollar amount of the gift, it’s the spirit in which you give it.” SO MUCH YES!
    Great round up of gifts 🙂

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