Rock on! Anna-Laura is 15!

Quarantine has been a big birthday stretch for us – three in two months! We’re postponing the party until next weekend because we wanted it to double as a “praise the Lord school is over” shindig, too. And, we should be in Phase II here in Texas, which means a bit more social interaction.

Y’all know the drill. Anna-Laura, this birthday letter is for you!

Dear Anna-Laura,

You’re fifteen and I am pretty sure as soon as you wake up this morning you’re going to ask, “When can I start driver’s ed?” Just don’t total the car like both your brothers did, okay?

Of all my kids, you are (without a doubt) the hardest working one in the house. If there’s something you want to learn, cue YouTube. A recipe you want to try, better clear the kitchen! I mean, you did teach yourself how to braid hair by watching videos. When you leave the house, who’s gonna fix hair around here?!

I love that you are a fierce friend with a tender heart. You feel so deeply and while it sometimes means there is some big drama here (oh the drama), it makes you such a loyal and true companion.

For sure your love language is gift giving, with acts of service as a real close second. During quarantine, my waistline is acutely aware how much you baked for our family and friends! But, truthfully, you are a student of other people and you know the just right gift or act of service for the just right person. Gosh it’s beautiful to witness. May your heart always be that generous.

As you enter into your sophomore year of high school (say it isn’t so) I have so many dreams for you, but I know they pale in comparison to what God has in store. May you always have high standards, give generously, live passionately and love Jesus fiercely.

You’re my first girl and as you get older, we’re developing such a meaningful relationship. I don’t take that for granted. The precious moments that you confide with me, the fears you share, the excitement you carry? I love it all.

May 15 be full of some awesome memories and tremendous growth. I’m pretty sure this time next year, you’re gonna catch me in height! I love you! So much!



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