Know a Graduate? 60+ Gift Ideas!

The older our kids get, the bigger the pile of graduation announcements that fill our mailbox. It’s just as much fun as receiving Christmas cards!

For many of these kids, we’ve known them since birth or the early years, while some are new friends to the family. Either way, I love celebrating college and high school graduates. The hard part is knowing which gift will be the most appreciated.

Last spring, we put together a guy and girl basket of college goodies to auction off at our school. The ideas people shared were so fantastic, that I made an Amazon list. It allowed folks at our school to shop at home, but it also doubles as a great resource for anybody looking for the perfect gift for the graduate in their life.

Below, I’ve broken down the ideas in categories. For the items not found on Amazon, I’ve linked them here. Otherwise, click that Amazon link above. Happy shopping!

Money/Gift Cards
Cash is always a great gift. Graduates can purhase what they need. And, gift cards are fantastic, as well. Some popular gift cards include Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, Home Depot, Target and local fast food restaurants.

Emergency car kit
Gas card

First aid kit
Shower caddy

Furniture risers
Mattress protector
Fleece blanket
Bunk buddy bedside shelf
Vornado fan
Alarm clock
Memory foam mattress topper
Sleep mask
Fairy string lights
University/college flag

Breakthrough: A Journey from Desperation to Hope by Fr. Rob Galea
Make Your Bed by Admiral McRaven
Off the Hook: God, Love, Dating and Marriage in a Hookup World by Timothy O’Malley
The Ultimate College Student Health Handbook by Dr. Jill Grimes

Eureka Stick Vacuum

Extension cord
3-Hole punch
Dry erase board
Cork board
Lap desk
Command strips
Phone charger
Trash can
Sticky notes
Desk lamp

Monk Manual
Every Sacred Sunday Mass journal
Holy Armament rosary

Stainless Thermos
Food storage containers
Handheld can opener
Rapid Ramen cooker
Steel water bottle
Brita pitcher
Coffee maker/Keurig
Electric kettle
Hanging pantry organizer
YETI Rambler

Dryer balls
Lint roller
Tide pods
Bleach packs
Laundry basket
Mesh clothes hamper
Handheld steamer
White tube hangers
Sewing kit

Shelf baskets
Reusable storage bags


Tool kit


  1. Aimee Landreneau on May 18, 2020 at 7:47 am

    Kathryn, this list is AWESOME! Thank you!!

  2. Ana on May 20, 2020 at 3:50 am

    This is a thoughtful idea! That is similar to what my parents got me last week at my at home graduation party. Good news is that I graduated college with 5 degrees! Your posts make me smile. Thanks!

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