Master Bath: The Before

Oh shiny brass how I hate thee, let me count the ways.

You have to understand. When we moved into our house nine years ago, it was completely white (floors, carpet, walls, counters, tile, cabinets) and brass was everywhere. We call it Operation Remove the Brass. I see the end in sight.

Functionally, this bathroom has done everything we needed it to do. The layout is pretty good and while we toyed with moving things around, the extra plumbing costs just couldn’t justify it. As a wise subcontractor reminded me, “Do you like it because it’s better or because it’s different?” I’ve found myself asking that question when it comes to just about every design decision. Sage advice.

We decided to serve as the general contractor and project manager on the project primarily due to cost. Hiring a GC just wasn’t in the budget. And, because I knew I could call on my dad and one of my clients who is a commercial contractor, I felt confident we could get it done the right way with quality subcontractors. Plus, Scott is super handy and can do all the things I dream up – most of the time.

Let’s just go ahead and look at the before. Warning: you may need sunglasses with all that brass glare. And fire up, y’all. You get to see the design board tomorrow! Woo to the hoo.

This is the view from our master bedroom as you walk into the bathroom (and wow, I need to do an updated post on our room!). I did, at least, share this with you.

The carpet is awesome, no? NO. It is if you like 1992.

This is the view as you turn to the left in the bathroom. That shower and that lighting (complete with busted bulb) are just brass eye candy, aren’t they?

And then, there’s the view to the right. Behind that double door of brass goodness is our master closet (which I 100% adore). I mean, it is the site of my frequent closet confessionals on Instagram.

As much as I love having a full length mirror, I have some fun stuff planned for that corner of the bathroom.

Sorry, I totally forgot to take a photo of the water closet. It had some seriously dated linoleum. YUCK! What you can’t fully appreciate in these photos is the leaking/rusted water valves that destroyed part of the cabinets in the back, the peeling white off the front of the cabinets and the hideous jets in the tub that not even bleach would clean.

I will say, we get great light in there and we plan to capitalize on that in the new design.

No matter know, it’s all gone and we are inching closer to a brand new space. Yes!


  1. Lauren on November 2, 2017 at 9:41 am

    We don’t have any brass, (whew!) but have the same hideous stained jets in the tub. Like you, my bathroom gets good natural light, too, which I think was the problem with the jets. I think the sun discolored the plastic, which is why bleach won’t touch it. So ugly. One day soon-ish we’ll tackle our bathroom. Until then, I’ll be happy for you and enjoy your renovation!

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