Master Bath: The Inspiration

Sometimes, you just make do.

For 21 years, Scott and I have been the inhabitants of three beautiful houses and two tiny, but cute, apartments. Our first house, we built. We did that once. Since then, we’ve enjoyed buying homes and slowly DIYing our way through them. It’s just what we do.

We knew the cabinets, the paint and the flooring could all be changed, but we could never buy neighbors like this or plant 50yo oak trees that we now enjoy.

Back in the recesses of my heart, I dreamed of a claw foot tub and a master bath oasis. But, then there was Catholic school tuition, car repairs, a preemie and all his surgeries and life. It just got pushed to the back burner. But, God is kind and generous even when I am not patient. Ha!

A few months ago, we decided to take the plunge and renovate our master bath after standing on ridiculously gross carpet for nine years. Trust me, I was not sad to see that hideous stuff go. Who puts carpet in bathrooms???? I fully recognize that we have a functioning bathroom when there are many that do not. We did not take this renovation lightly. I am grateful my dad knows wonderful subcontractors (benefit of having a dad in construction!) and that we’ve met some great ones over the years, too. It’s part DIY and part professionals because there are some things you just shouldn’t DIY. #dontaskmehowiknow

But, enough back story. Let’s look at some inspiration, shall we?

Our trip to Europe for our 20th anniversary left me swooning over blue Portuguese tile. It’s just such a statement piece and for us, it elicits some fabulous memories. Lisbon, anyone?

And, there’s just something about a claw foot tub. It could’ve been when we crashed Kendra’s house last summer and I got to use her master bath when it really sealed the deal. Either way, I’ve been dreaming of one ever since.

All that tile needed some natural elements to warm it up, so I started looking for wood accessories to bring into the design. Bonus when it’s a barn door mirror.

As much as I love color on the walls, I found myself being drawn to designs that had it on the floor and went neutral with the walls.

And there’s your inspiration for our new and improved space. Later this week, I’ll share what it looked like – before demolition – and what my plans are in the actual design. Chances are, I’ll make my Pinterest inspiration board live, too. I also realized when writing this that I haven’t updated my home tour page in a while, so that got a makeover, too.

Get excited y’all!


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