Busy as Bees

I feel like there are so many things swimming around in my brain.  Unfortunately, I’m in the deep end, treading water!  Client work has been keeping me extraordinarily busy, my workout schedule has been – um – abysmal?  Sports season is finally winding down, but end-of-school activities are ramping up.  I’m still looking for my imaginary assistant, but she keeps going on vacation.  Meanie.

I have plenty to share in tomorrow’s QOTW and next week about fun visitors and kids’ accomplishments.  Today, I thought I’d share a bit of what I’ve been doing on the preemie front.

This morning, while Luke was at speech and feeding therapy, I participated in a focus group with Mead-Johnson (the makers of Enfamil) about eating issues and how they can better support NICU parents.  I will tell you this.  There is NOTHING more humbling than being in a room full of moms of miracle babies.  Many of Luke’s challenges pale in comparison to these kids.  There are kids who have much larger crosses than our family, yet these moms are joyful, hopeful, funny, inviting, amazing and inspiring.  Thank you, GOD, for allowing me to sit in that room today and be humbled.

Tonight, I’ll be attending a reception in honor of Hand to Hold.  I’m most excited about seeing one of Luke’s neonatologists and hugging his neck.  He is an amazing doctor and the world needs more compassionate caregivers like him.  We connected on a deeper level – a NICU stay will do that to you – and I always leave our conversations feeling good about our place in life.  Not to mention, I will be in the company of parents who live life to its fullest.  We’ve seen the deepest pits of hell and returned.  We are survivors.  I am grateful for their friendship and understanding.

And, the best way to start my day was at the school Mass.  Will read a prayer petition (and did beautifully), Luke made it through an entire Mass (holla!) and I cried when JP went up for communion (again).  Fr. Danny’s homily was exactly what my heart needed to hear today.  “Be grateful,” he said.  Welcome Christ into your life.  Let your life be an example that you believe.  I must blog more about that sometime in the very near future.  Being grateful, not judgmental.

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