QOTW: April 27, 2012

Me:  “JP, what do you think of the figurine on your First Communion cake?”
JP:  “Hey, he looks like me.”

Scott:  “Man, John Paul, you are getting so old.”
JP:  “I’m not old, I don’t have gray hair!”

John Paul to his Godmother:  “Are you Catholic?”

I’m still cracking up at all those.  This kid is so funny.  This weekend we have another crazy few days.  John Paul and Anna-Laura both have games, Will and I are heading to Ft. Worth for his academic meet in spelling and we’re looking forward to some family time on Sunday, as well.  I’m still in denial that we have five weeks left of school.  Not. Possible.  I do have to say, though, summer is calling and I’m pretty excited.  VBS, Art Camp, Golf Camp, big-kid-spend-the-night-away-from-home camp for the boys and some pool time.

On Monday, I’ll have a big update on Master Luke.  We visit with his developmental pediatrician and have the bi-annual developmental assessments.  It’s always a long morning and I’m hoping there will be lots of good news.  A preemie mom can dream, can’t she?

Make it a great weekend!

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