Top Ten: Best Moments on Film

If you haven’t guessed this week’s theme, it’s First Communion.  We were blessed to have a great photographer (and friend!) from our former parish serve as the official photographer. I must say, if you are a parish, PLEASE HIRE A PHOTOGRAPHER for your parents.  They will love you 1,000 times over.  Obviously, the sanctity of Mass would’ve been completely destroyed if 100 people were clicking away during that hour.  Instead, the parents cried and the photographer caught all the amazing moments on film.  Pat McCord, God bless you.


This first batch is compliments of Pat.  He did a beautiful job.  I’m even thinking of making a book for John Paul as his Christmas present this year.  According to my “top ten” rules, I’ve already given you nine photos.  Well, aren’t you lucky.  Today you get a top 20!

These are a few I snapped after the Mass.  L-R, John Paul and his Godmother, Gachia; JP with Fr. Ron and Fr. Danny and JP with Granny

What’s an awesome Mass without a rockin’ party after?  Scott made his now-famous guacamole and fajitas, Ray (Gachia’s husband) got roped into playing toilet tag with the kids, Luke never stopped running and the cake from Polkadots was absolutely delish.  More on that in a second.

The cake, created by Polkadots, was more awesome than I could’ve imagined.  I’d pinned some ideas on Pinterest, shared them with Olga and then we made a few tweaks.  They added the rosary and I almost cried when I saw it.  You’ll have to check back in on Friday to hear what John Paul’s first reaction was.  I’ll just give you one word:  priceless.  The cookies were created by Paige’s Bakehouse in Round Rock.  While they weren’t as delicious as our old (now closed) standby, Cookie Haus, they were pretty darn good.  Again, they were designed by inspiration on Pinterest.  Love that place.

There were lots of friends and family here to celebrate.  Unfortunately my photographer (I’m looking at YOU, Daniel) had to relocate to Florida and couldn’t make it.  Brothers.  I have no doubt there would be even more pictures of the par-tay with him there, but no worries.  I’ve got them all burned in my sweet noggin.  It was just a gorgeous day, inside and out.  If you have someone you know celebrating the Sacrament this Easter season, I pray their day is just as special!

Mom, Dad, Amanda, Ava, Judy, Gachia, Ray, Carla, Edna Mae, Kymn – thank you for being here on such a special day.  And to the rest of y’all not able to make it, rest assured your prayers were felt.  We love y’all!!

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  1. Connie on April 25, 2012 at 4:59 pm

    I knew Granny would be there but Edna Mae… special! <3 the W Team

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