VBS – Where God is Wild About You!

As a former evangelical Protestant I have a great love for all things Vacation Bible School.  Now that the Catholic church has jumped on the VBS bandwagon, I am luh-uh-ving it.

For several years, I was the VBS director at our parish.  The program was defunct and needed some major energy.  We rounded up a great bunch of volunteers and resurrected the program.  How gratifying and how awesome.  The community we created gave me a renewed faith in the power of teamwork.  We saw God at work before our very eyes.  It was pretty incredible.

Fast forward to the “Luke years” and I just dropped the kids off last year at our new parish.  It was weird, but I totally needed the break.  This year, I dipped my toe back in and served as a station leader.  It was the perfect amount of involvement for where I am in life.  I got the kids moving in the morning with songs, dancing and Bible verses, points and clues.  Great fun, I tell ya.  I even did it a few mornings with my able assistant, Luke, perched right on my hip clapping and bopping his head along.  {he was soooo not having the nursery folk – dadgum separation anxiety}

The kids are the reason I keep coming back.  Without a doubt their faith reminds me to slow down and enjoy being loved by God.  Forever and always.

Until 2012…I guess I’ll just keeping singing this year’s songs 🙂 

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