For kicks and grins

I thought it would be fun to show how we’ve “grown” since we first started VBS back in the day.  Cue the nostalgia music…

VBS 2006
Will (age 5), John Paul (age 2)

VBS 2007
My water broke on Wednesday and I had Clare a few hours later!
Will (6), John Paul (3), Anna-Laura (2), Clare (0)

VBS 2008
Will (7), John Paul (4), Anna-Laura (3) and Clare (1)

VBS 2009
Will (8), John Paul (5), Anna-Laura (4)

VBS 2010*
*when mommy’s not involved, she forgets to take pictures!!
VBS 2011
John Paul (7), Anna-Laura (6), Clare (4)
Will (10) was at camp and Luke (1.5) was in the nursery!

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