QOTW: School’s out for summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think that right there is our quote of the week.  That and this gem from John Paul…

“Dad, when do you get out of work for the summer?”

The 2010-2011 school year is officially over. I thought we were on a pretty good pace until January hit. Since then, we never hit the brakes. I’m now the mom of a 5th, 2nd, 1st and PK-er with a tiny toddler still in tow. Say it isn’t so.
We were fortunate, as in “we totally hit the jackpot”, with teachers this year.

Will and Mrs. H. (love. her.)
Favorite things about Mrs. H: She says thinks like “I’m all over that like a chicken on a cheeto”, she is spunky and funny and sets the bar HIGH for her students, she has a classroom decorated in leopard print, she always makes you feel like the most important parent in the room. Yeah, we’re going to miss her.

John Paul and Mrs. T
Favorite things about Mrs. T: She doesn’t settle for monkey business, she really instills a love of reading and writing in her students, she expects her little people to show kindness, respect and love and she is quick to call you if there’s a problem brewing. Yes, we’ve had a couple of P-T conferences with her 🙂 She survived a John Paul year!

Anna-Laura and Mrs. M and Mrs. R.
Favorite things about them: They teach kindergarten, people! What’s not to love??  They were especially helpful as we got Anna-Laura reading. I appreciated the extra effort and their loving approach.  It was fantastic.

Clare and Mrs. G and Mrs. L.
Favorite things about them:  Their love of 3yo’s completely shined through each morning at drop off and again at pick up.  It takes a special person to have that kind of patience.  I so admired their creativity, their positivity and their faithfulness.

To take a new spin on teacher gifts this year, we gave them an “angelonia” flower they could plant in their gardens.  Is it obvious my new love affair with bell jars?  It’s a beautiful flower and I thought the name was perfect.

We are looking forward to a slower pace, some great summer camps and time together as a family.  Bring on summertime!

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