Top Ten: Bob Bullock Museum!

Last Wednesday my super sweet husband took the day off work to watch the littles, while I enjoyed serving as a chaperone for the 4th grade field trip to the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum.


I didn’t have to cut up anyone’s food, take anyone to the bathroom or worry about missing a naptime.  I had four boys in my group that were FAN-tastic.  In honor of the BIG trip, here’s this week’s…


1.  The boys.  You couldn’t have paid me $$$ to take a gaggle of giggly, dramatic girls.  But, I would have easily signed up to chaperone all 25 boys in a heartbeat.  They had boy bathroom humor, they swore the girls had cooties and laughed at any remotely sounding bodily noise.  I loved every minute.

2.  The IMAX.  We got to watch, “Texas:  The Big Picture”.  Bonus that we were the first group in the museum so we had the place to ourselves for a good two hours.  Sa-weet.  Watching the movie made me want to stand up and belt out, “Yee Haw!  I’m from Texas!!”  Will is thankful that I did not.  It sure is great to be from the Lone Star State and this movie just affirmed why I love all things Texas.

3.  The Texas Spirit Theatre.  I don’t want to give anything away here, but that theatre was a total hit – with kids and adults.  Very well done.

4.  Lunch.  I know, weird.  The food rocked it, but it was the visit from Nana, former Texas History teacher herself, that made lunch so great.  She was quizzing the boys with all sorts of trivia.  It was a hoot.  In Texas, kids learn about the state’s history in all grades, but especially in 4th and 7th grades.  My mom was like the best TX history teacher evah.

Little trivia:  What was Austin’s name before it became Austin?  (see answer below)

5.  The kids.  It was a total joy to see the kids enjoying themselves and learning along the way.  I was so impressed with their behavior (better than some of the high school kids that day!) and their courteousness toward one another and others.  It made me very proud to be an Angel.

6.  The Goddess of Liberty.  When Texas’ State Capitol was originally built in 1888, this beauty sat atop the dome.  Back then, technology and building materials aren’t what they are today.  And after 93 years of residence, she came down and took up permanent residence at the museum.  The goddess that sits atop the Capitol today is just a replica.  Random bit of trivia number two 🙂

7.  The Eucharist cabinet.  Way back in the corner of the first floor, the boys and I discovered a real gem.  It was in small display window next to some silverware!  This cabinet, a travelling Mass kit, was used to celebrate Mass in the early settlers homes.  Back then, they didn’t have fancy churches like we do now.  When I asked the boys at the end of the day about their favorite part, they all said this.  It made me very, very proud!

8.  The cannon and cotton bales.  Up on the second floor, the boys gave me a real giggle.  There was a replica of a boat and a cannon.  Next to it all were stacks of “cotton bales.”  The boys thought, “Hey, I bet those are soft” and they gave them a punch.  Many a boy was shaking his hand after that.  Not so soft, huh guys?  Boys. Crack. Me. Up.

9.  The van ride there and back.  Every time we stopped the van, the girls in front of us waved like crazy.  The guys tried to play it cool, but eventually they broke down and started waving.  I don’t why I thought that was funny, but it got me giggling.

10.  Time with Will.  He still thinks it’s cool to have me along.  He is such a good kid and I loved seeing him interact with his classmates.  Man, that kid is his father’s son, with my smile, of course.

Answer:  Waterloo

Favorite Quote of the Day:  It STILL ain’t braggin’ if it’s true.

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