Progressive Dinner in the ‘hood

I think I *may* have bragged a little on our neighbors and how they live in the state of awesomeness most of the time.  A few weeks ago was no exception.  Kristina “she’s a party girl” (as in, she always plans the best get togethers) organized a block progressive party.  So fun, people.  So fun.

We started out at our house with appetizers and wine while the kids watched a movie upstairs.  Then, we headed next door to get the kids started on dinner.  In K’s brilliance, we hired two babysitters to hold down the fort with a combined 11 kids for the “kids dinner” while we went to another neighbors house for the “adult dinner” sans kids.  Divine.  Uninterrupted conversation for a whole hour!  After dinner, we headed to the last house for dessert and after-dinner drinks.  We practically ate Brian and Candace right out of their house we stayed so long!

It was a fantastic evening and even better that checking on the kids was just a quick walk across the street.  We’re looking forward to doing it again except now we’re all fighting over who gets to host dessert!

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