Art Camp was AWEsome

Every year, I think there is no way the kids will top what they did the year before.

And every year, I am wrong.

Will missed art camp this year because he’s spending the next three weeks at DEEP (the Catholic diocesan gifted and talented camp) – yea and boo all in the same breath.  Super excited and very proud that he qualified to go, but a little sad he’s missing one of his favorite camps.  I’ll be blogging about his awesome experience in a couple of weeks when it wraps.

Back to art.  John Paul and Anna-Laura happily hopped in the car every morning.  Ms. Ingraffia always does a great job of introducing new mediums, new projects and new skills each summer.  This year, a few of their projects included painting and glazing their very own bowl (it’s been deemed the cereal bowl around here!), a beautiful self-portrait (definitely framing that one) and their flowerpots.  They were so excited to show me how they made the flowers.

The highlight of the week is the Art Show on Friday.  Scott and I were both able to attend this year and you can just see the pride on each of the kids’ faces.  It is priceless.

As we’re collecting all the kids’ art and walking out the door, John Paul says, “Oh man, it’s a whole year minus a week until the next art camp.”  Looks as if I’m not the only one who loves it 🙂

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