Happy Father’s Day

There are some stellar men in my life, namely my husband, Scott.  I often think how great it is to be one of my kids and have him as a father.  He is remarkably patient and kind.  He does things with them I would never dream of doing – and he’s usually smart enough to keep most of those things to himself.

Scott, you are something else.  The kids and I all hit the daddy jackpot in you.  Happy Father’s Day, sweetheart.

And, a happy father’s day to the other men in my life:

– my dad, we have a special relationship and I am grateful I’ll always be your #1 girl

– my little brother, Daniel, may the relationship with Ava be one the two of you always cherish

– my brother-in-law, Cory, you are so kind and fully present to Alex, seeing you as a dad is really a gift

– my grandfather, Jack, you have lived 1,000 lives and your wisdom is inspiring, how lucky am I to still have you here 🙂

– and to my uncles, cousins and other family members who celebrate Father’s Day today, I am blessed to call you family!

– in a special way we honor those father’s who celebrate from heaven today, my father-in-law Bryant and my grandfather Toots, you are missed

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