Chrism Mass

Tuesday marks a big day in the Catholic Church.  During the Chrism Mass, every priest in our diocese renews his priestly vows and all the oils used throughout the year (baptism, confirmation and annointing of the sick) are blessed and distributed.

If you have never been to this Mass, I highly recommend going.  Unless, of course, you have littles.  Then stay away – far away.  It’s not the shortest of Masses and you’ll enjoy it WAY more without little people dragging you to the back, to the bathroom and to the nearest black hole.  This year’s Mass will be held at St. William Catholic Church in Round Rock at 10:30am.  Word to the wise, get there early for a seat.

At our house, Scott will be the only one attending this Mass.  But, we do plan on having a small activity to explain the vows our priests take, along with the meaning of all the oils.

If you’re not Catholic and wondering WHAT IS UP with Holy Week, I totally think you should click HERE.  I dig Busted Halo, not just because they’re one of my clients, but because they are awesome evangelists.  You go Paulist Fathers.  If you have XM, the Catholic Channel is 117 and The Busted Halo Show with Fr. Dave Dwyer airs every night from 7-10pm EST.  Take a listen.  If for nothing else than just to listen to Fr. Dave’s laugh.  So contagious.

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    […] today’s Chrism Mass takes place at St. William in Round Rock at 10:30am.  As I mentioned last year, I probably won’t be attending this Mass until 2016.  Nevertheless, it’s a beautiful […]

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