Holy Week Has Begun

Or, as Scott says, “The week when you find out just how much you love the Catholic Church” has arrived.  I’ll be posting things throughout the week, although technically the computer will be posting them as I’ll be signing off on Tuesday until Easter Sunday.  Gotta love technology.

I had the honor of lectoring at the Palm Sunday Mass this weekend.  I’m glad we divide the readings among four of us, otherwise, I would’ve broken down in tears.  The Passion of the Christ is moving and touching and humbling – not because it is so eloquently written (even though it is) – but because it is real.

Believe it or not, I’m having a difficult time putting into words how much Holy Week means to me as a mom, wife and Christian woman.  Perhaps it’s because I identify most with Jesus’ mother, Mary.  Seeing her son in pain must’ve been physically excruciating.  To see him mocked, condemned, beaten and bleeding.  What must that have done to her heart?

As we enter into the holiest of weeks I hope you’ve taken the opportunity to make it count for something.  Yes, Easter Sunday will be grand.  There will be shouts of Alleluia and white lilies and pretty dresses and hats.  He will be risen.  But before we get there, prepare your heart.  Prepare your soul for the agony and the betrayal and the sacrifice.

Our 40 days of sacrifice are almost at an end.

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