Top Ten: Games Kids Play

Because my children are incredibly intelligent, completely self sufficient and NEVER complain, they have just been total angels this week.  Well, only Monday I wanted to find the black hole because of their bad behavior.  It’s been better since then.  But really, when you’re at rock bottom you’ve got nowhere to go but up, right?  Right???  In the spirit of “top ten’s” which I have been horribly lacking at recently, I thought I’d give you my best…


1.  How many consecutive times they can get me to say, “Will/John Paul/Anna-Laura/Clare please stop doing X.”  Comical for them, infuriating for me.

2.  Let’s see who can be loudest when Mom announces the following, “Hey guys, I need to make a quick phone call.  Can y’all be quiet for two minutes?”

3.  Number of times one can ask, “Mom, can we play Wii?” in one hour.  Evidently, whatever record there might have been on that number has been broken – daily – by my children.

4.  How fast can we make Luke run if we dangle a bouncing ball in front of him?

5.  How many times is he going to fall because of it?

6.  See number 1.

7.  Number of times John Paul has asked me, “How many more days of spring break?”  One less than when you asked me yesterday, buddy.

8.  The mommy/doggie game.  This mostly consists of Anna-Laura ordering Clare around while she barks.  It kept them occupied for an hour today.  Not complaining.

9.  The comic strip game.  Will and John Paul are on a mission to draw as many superheroes as I have paper.  I’m quickly running out of those two reams I just bought.

10.  The Bozo Game.  Monday was a wee bit chilly, so they took our stand-up sports equipment divider, moved it to the middle of the garage and took turns pitching the basketball into one of the compartments.  That one was pretty ingenious.

My kids completely and totally, 100% crack me up.  It’s never dull here.  Hope your spring break is going as well as ours 🙂


  1. Kelley on March 17, 2011 at 3:11 am

    I love it!! I think most SAHMs are right there with you. But I do relish having them home!! The boys had a great time today; we are going to have to schedule another play date so that they can finish their game of capture the flag!! It was so good to see ya'll!

  2. Nicole on March 17, 2011 at 11:47 am

    Glad you are enjoying your spring break! This post made me laugh! 🙂 The weather here in Indy is just now finally starting to warm up a bit… I'm not sure we are taking an official 'spring break' this year – we may just push through and finish a week earlier! Enjoy the next couple of days!

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