Spring Breakin’

Praise the Lord.  It’s spring break in Tejas!!  A few bluebonnets (the gorgeous state flower) are starting to make a tiny debut, the temps are in the 70s, sometimes 80s, we don’t have to make lunches all week, sign any folders or hound the kids about homework.


The bigs are at golf camp in the mornings and the verdict at pick-up after lunch today was, “Camp was awesome, Mom.”  The thing I totally love about golf is that it is a respectful sport.  Coach Lonnie teaches them core values all week, in addition to their swing techniques, driving and putting.  They’re learning respect, courtesy, honesty and integrity.  And, it’s a game they can play for life.  I just might take a lesson or two this summer so I can play with the hubby!

We have a short day trip planned later in the week, nothing fancy, but it will be great family time.  We need that.  Well, don’t we all?!? 

Yesterday, lots of the neighbors and their kids were out and it was like a block party.  I loved it.  I dig that we finally found a place where a neighborhood resembles the one where I grew up in the panhandle.  People actually know each other.

And, I am loving my Lenten gratitude project.  I am seriously smiling all day because of it.  The complaining is becoming a little less, the gratitude a little more.  Ah, Lent is in the air.

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  1. Debbie on March 16, 2011 at 2:20 pm

    Glad the "bigs" are loving camp. That's why we love to have them go – fun and lifelong lessons combined. What a joy!

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