Golf Camp

Last week, the “bigs” enjoyed Golf Camp down in South Austin.  We’ve done several of the summer camps with the boys and they’ve always enjoyed it.  This year, Anna-Laura was old enough to join in the fun.  There are many reasons I love Lonny’s camps, but most importantly, I love that he teaches them life skills, in addition to the game of golf.

At the end of the week they earned their beloved medals.  Truly, they earned them.  Anna-Laura is learning how to address the ball and proper course etiquette.  John Paul is learning control in his swing (shocking, I know) and Will is perfecting his swing.  As Coach Lonny said, “Will had the best balance in the camp.  He’s going to make a fine young golfer.”

Dad, Papa and Uncle Daniel are surely proud of that statement.  I’m pretty sure Will knocked it about 130 yards on his first drive.  I guess momma needs to start taking lessons.  Scott’s got his foursome!  I was equally proud of how much improvement I saw in John Paul and how much fun ALG was having.  We’re already looking forward to camp this summer. 


  1. ... on March 21, 2011 at 11:47 pm

    I better start playing them for money now because they'll be beating me soon enough. So proud of them.

  2. Don't Waste It - Team Whitaker on March 30, 2019 at 6:00 pm

    […] For the last four years, my kids have been attending golf camps in South Austin.  First, we started with just one swinging a club and last summer we had three on the greens.  Clare will join them next summer.  I have raved about this experience before, HERE and HERE. […]

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