{Advent} Top Ten: The Nativity

We’ve certainly had our fair share of fun and reflective moments these past three and half weeks of Advent.  It’s been lovely.  The last week of school was slightly nutty, due to the stomach bug (post soon on that ball ‘o crazy), but all in all, this has been one of our most enjoyable Advents to date.

As I was driving Scott’s car the other day, I was listened to some XM radio.  Specifically, the Busted Halo Show with Fr. Dave Dwyer.  It got me thinking, as it usually does.  Here are a few questions / reflections I’ve been thinking about quite a lot.  Maybe they’ll get you thinking, too.


1.  Just how uncomfortable was it to ride, 9 months pregnant: on a donkey, fearful for your life, with no McDonald’s bathroom pitstops along the way? 

2.  What kind of grief did Joseph get from his friends?

3.  Why do people celebrate Christmas, but not read the Christmas story?  (merely a question, not an accusation…post to come on Friday about this very topic)

4.  What was it like to be the direct beneficiary of St. Nicholas’ generosity?

5.  When Mary gave birth, I wonder what her first thought must’ve been.

6.  What went through that inn keeper’s head, when he led that sweet family of 2.5 to the back stable?  What went through his mind when he found out who it was?!

7.  I wonder what it felt like to feel the joy as it was all happening?  I can imagine, but to really experience it…to be there live and in color.  Wow.

8.  Do we really stop to think about what these two words mean when we say them:  Merry Christmas.

9.  What would Jesus think of the “Christmas” we celebrate today?

10.  After the flurry of parties, plays, presents and candy, will my children truly understand the Christmas story and pass it along to their children?

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