{Advent} It’s a Wonderful Life

A few years ago, Scott and I watched It’s a Wonderful Life for the FIRST – yes, I said first – time.  If you have neglected to see this piece of stellar cinema magic, do yourself a favor and go buy it.  Renting it just won’t do.  You must have this movie in your possession.

Jimmy Stewart was the consummate gentleman.  I haven’t seen all his movies, but I really think this is his best.  Hands down.  It’s one of the few non-Disney films that kids of any age can watch and it has a fantastic message.

Two years ago, we started watching this movie with the kids just before Christmas Eve.  It’s become a really fantastic family tradition.  We pop some popcorn, whip up some hot chocolate, get in our pjs and watch a spectacular show about the season of giving and being thankful for what ya got.  Tonight’s the night and Scott and I are excited!!

Yes, George, it really is a wonderful life.

Can you feel the anticipation?  Christmas is almost here.  YEA!!!!

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