Happy Halloween 2010!

Tonight/today sure was a load of fun.  Our neighbors had a rockin’ Halloween/one-year-old birthday party for the newest member of their family.  Can I tell you again how much I love our neighborhood?

Then, it was off to the convent to see the Dominican Sisters to get the holiday started off right.  You see, they don’t just hand out candy.  One must first answer a religious question to score the candy AND a rosary.  Sweet.

And, if you’re counting kids in the above photo and wondering when we scored two more, those are our sweet next-door neighbors from P-town that followed us to the new place and now live across the street.  Crazy, right?

What was once this…

Is now THIS!

Luke made it to one house before declaring bedtime.  Mom and I held down the homefront, while Scott took the “bigs” out on the town.  They had a blast.  And we now have a GInormous mound of candy in our living room.  You too?

Have I got a deal for you.  Our dentist, Advanced Dental Care, is having an awesome $1 candy buy back program.  For every one pound of candy you bring in Nov 1-3, you get $1 and then they send the candy overseas to our troops.  WIN-WIN baby.  We will totally be doing that and I invite you to do the same if you live here in Austin.

Now for fun photos.  Happy Halloween.  BOO!

Harry Potter

Darth Vader

 My Sweet, Sassy Bee

The “Bigs”

And, if you ask her what they say, Nana taught her the most hilarious “SQUAWK”.
Nearly peed in my pants the first time I heard it.

Super Luke (warm weather costume, recycled from his bday)
Notice that beautiful head of his!

The infamous Dalmation Puppy
Costume compliments of seamstress Nana.  All the boys have worn this one.

I am cracking up looking at ALG.  I think Clare is squawking here.

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  1. Kelley on November 1, 2010 at 11:57 pm

    ALG's face is PRICELESS!!! Ha!

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