Halloween – more than one holiday around here

When most people think Halloween, they may think trick or treating, costumes, fun parties and an overload of candy.  We think of that, too, but we also have more joy than I thought possible.  One year ago today, right about NOW, we were walking in the door of our house as a complete family of seven. 


For those that have been in the NICU, you know our joy.  You get it.  Completely.  Yes, I teared up in Mass this morning more than once.  Oh people, you just don’t know how far my heart has come these last 365 days.  A lifetime, I think.  It has been such a difficult past 44 days for me this year.  Harder than I really imagined it ever could be.  There are times when I feel incredibly guilty about feeling that joy and walking out those NICU doors when some of our friends didn’t.  I mean, having Luke home with us has sent us over the moon with happiness, but it is tempered with reality.  I think his homecoming has made me more grateful about the little things. 

Because of Luke, there are many questions I no longer ask.  There are many more compliments and smiles I share instead.  Life is a precarious balance.  I think it’s appropriate as we celebrate All Saints Day tomorrow and All Souls Day on Tuesday that I find myself grateful for life – in all its forms.  I am grateful God allowed us to walk this path with Luke.  It has changed who we are and given me a different set of glasses in which to view the world.

Today is about remembering…it is about some awesome joy.  Halloween will never be the same at our house.  And for that I say – PRAISE GOD!


  1. SimmonsFamily on November 1, 2010 at 2:28 am

    So good to see you yesterday. Halloween has a whole new meaning to us now, too- it's a baptism celebration! 🙂

  2. The Tuckers on November 1, 2010 at 8:51 pm

    I SO remember that day! Tears, joy and still felt like we were holding our breathe!
    Love you guys

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