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I think by now everyone knows that crazy is part of our daily vocabulary around here.  We’re learning to embrace it.  But, we’re also learning not to add to it.

We made the not-so-difficult decision to avoid any after-school activities this spring.  No baseball, no soccer, no dance, no nothing.  We’ve always had the one-activity per child rule (a rule which has saved our sanity) but if all four kids that are activity-age are involved, that’s four “somethings” throughout the week and a likely bonanza of nuts on Saturday morning.

Like the bumper sticker in the 80s, we just said “No.”  And I’m liking it.  I mean, really.  Are we going to de-rail the kids’ chances of playing major league baseball or landing a spot on the high school varsity team?  Are we going to make some lifelong memories the kids will never forget?  You betcha.

We are deeming Saturdays as “family day” and have plans to do some fun family activities, just the seven of us.  This past weekend we celebrated Will and my dad’s birthdays with family.  My Papa and his wife Betty even drove down for the celebration.  It was awesome.  (Thursday post on the birthday boys’ party.  Too many photos, not enough time today!)  This weekend we’ll be participating in a service project in honor of Holy Week.

Speaking of all things holy, this week is poised to be a reflective and beautiful time of year.  Easter Sunday is grand, sure, but the building up to it is even better.  Today, the Catholic Church hosts the Chrism Mass, where all the holy oils are blessed for use throughout the year (baptisms, confirmations and annointing of the sick).  One of these days I’ll get to attend, but for now I get to hear Scott’s play-by-play tonight.

So, go make it your best Holy Week ever.  It’s never too late.

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