Big Day

Today is a big day for Scott.  His new boss “officially” starts.  Bishop Joe Vasquez, fifth bishop of the Diocese of Austin, will begin his tenure at 3pm today.

Little anxious.  Little excited.

I pray that the bishop is as supportive of Scott’s efforts in stewardship and development as Bishop Aymond. Oh, and if you’re wondering…no, I’m not attending the installation Mass.  There’s an important reason that I’ll make a blog post about someday 🙂

It’s funny, because before Scott worked for the church we had a totally different idea of how “the beast” operated.  Then Scott became an employee.  He’s been a “church worker” for nearly a decade and there’s one valuable lesson we’ve come to appreciate.  In fact, Will’s Godfather – a priest in the Diocese of Lafayette in Indiana – reminded us of that lesson.  He told Scott not to let the underbelly of the church destroy our faith.

That’s the best professional advice we’ve ever gotten.

Tomorrow your Luke update will be on tap.  Promise.  I’m still digging out from the piles and making follow-up doctor visits!

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  1. Anonymous on March 9, 2010 at 12:02 pm

    Hope all goes well Scott. I follow your blogs most every day. I actually printed the one about lent. I am trying to follow it but some days are easier than others.
    Also wanted to let you know we are coming your way in June. Hope to meet Master Luke "Wuke". I'll let you know details as we get them. Take care all. Love you guys and continueing our prayers for all of you. Jeff and Barb

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