QOTW: February 26, 2010

“I’m a baniac, baniac…”
Clare, wearing John Paul’s blue headband doing her best impression of Flashdance’s Maniac.  My goodness that girl cracks me up.

“I still have my sassy haircut.”
Anna-Laura, to just about anyone who will listen.  And yes, sweetheart, it’s still sassy.

“Mom, Fr. Dean’s at the door!”
Will, to me at 0715 this morning!!  I thought he was kidding until I went to the door and saw him standing there.  He had just finished Mass at the Sister’s convent and was in the neighborhood so he stopped by to say hi.  Talk about going from one vocation house to the next 🙂  We gave him a taste of Whitaker crazy as we prepared for a school day…no doubt affirming that vocation to the priesthood.

“I hate insurance companies.”
Me.  Working with them and all the providers to get Luke’s medical bills paid is a full-time job.  I have an organized notebook that I keep putting the bills in and I just whittle away at them one at a time.  So far?  I’ve saved us $650 big ones.  That’s homework worth doing, I say.

We have Will’s last basketball game, a dinner with friends and some sweet family time planned for this last weekend in February.  My, my, where does the time go?  Make it a great weekend!

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