Before & After, Part III

Before I get too far into Home Reno 101, today marks a HUGE milestone. I’m officially 36 weeks! I think that’s reason enough to celebrate with two bowls of ice cream tonight, don’t you? No complaints here. You’ll get the full baby report on Thursday.
Back to your regularly scheduled blog post for today…
Well, as you can see, nesting is in full effect. You (and my husband) will be happy to know we’re finally done…for now. I have some other projects that we did, prior to this one, but why give you all the goods today?
My most important question in these bathroom renos was, “Who in heaven’s name puts carpet in a bathroom?” Between that haven for bacteria, the hooker lights (that’s what they remind of!), the cheap linoleum and the outdated fixtures I was ready to put on my parachute pants, jellies and a friendship bracelet and hip-hop back into 1982. Never fear, all remnants of that era are now in a landfill and at Austin’s recycling center. Ta-da!
Anna-Laura’s bathroom

The boys’ bathroom (no before pics on this one, totally thought I had them, my memory card on the camera tells me differently)
Note: picture pretty horrendous pee-soaked white carpet (got the visual?) and icky linoleum and you’ll agree this is a major upgrade even though it didn’t cost like one!

I’ve still got some before and after’s from our Aggie office, master bedroom, ALG’s room and the nursery. Puh-lenty to keep you coming back for more. I’m hesitant to say nesting is done because that means Baby W could arrive any moment. So, I’ll say this. We’re nearly done. Whew. Dodged that one.


  1. Nicole on September 16, 2009 at 10:43 am

    Wow – ALG has her own bathroom? Sweet! So glad you've made it this far… Continuing to pray for you guys. And I have to admit this post made me chuckle… Sounds like our homes are similar in their (original – when we purchased the homes!) decor… Our bathrooms still need work (and those are probably next on our list of things to do) – but hey, in the two years we've been here, we've put on a new roof (insurance did not pay – we did), new siding, an exterior paint job, windows, a kitchen remodel, all new ceiling fans, tons of paint, landscaping, etc… Whew. And we still aren't done! I don't think we'll ever be – and then once we are it will probably be time to sell! Hugs to you friend!!!

  2. amanda on September 16, 2009 at 12:41 pm

    Nesting, HGTV and a good sale = DANGER! Husbands run for your lives!

  3. Kathryn on September 17, 2009 at 12:52 am

    She does – that will SO come in handy during the teenage years. She'll soon have to share with Clare – but she'll be skipping for joy that she doesn't have to get ready in a pee-smelling bathroom with her brothers! We're happy to be do-it-yourselfers. Admittedly, though, Scott's the worker bee and I'm the idea gal 🙂

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