And…he’s stateside!!

My cousin John (his mom and my dad are siblings) arrived home from his second year-long deployment in Iraq. The first was behind a desk, this time around he got to enjoy having a cross-hair on him. Fun times. We are tha-rilled to have him home and even more excited that his unit will be stationed at Camp Mabry here in Austin.

Who knew he could draw such a crowd over the Labor Day weekend? Lots of cousins were in town by happenstance and we had fun breaking in the new house with our first official “big gig.” Final report? This house is staged to party. We’ve determined that the house has some “zones.”

The game zone.

The “oh no, Uncle Bill’s telling another story” zone.

The eating / domino zone (the most important one, mind you). Thanks for teaching us all Chickenfoot David!! And, boom goes the dynamite. Clearly, those of us in this zone had the most fun.

The backyard free-for-all zone.

Obviously, some zones play double duty depending upon the hour of the party 🙂

We laughed…A LOT. And, we enjoyed being around family. So, here’s to good memories, fun family and a whole lotta good food.

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