Top Ten: What would you do differently?

For those that know me well, I’ve been a Patrick Swayze fan for a long time. Something about his smooth moves in Dirty Dancing left me wondering if Jennifer Grey could learn to dance, then maybe I could too. That, and the Barbara Walters interview he did shortly after he made the movie. I couldn’t believe that a man could be that in love with his wife. Then, I married Scott and understood exactly where he was coming from.

Now, whether you agree with his choice of religion (not really a fan of that) or some of his movies and their morality is beside the point…pancreatic cancer is a beast and he dealt with it with grace. All this nonsense about Serena, Joe and Kanye (seriously, those three need therapy, not an insincere apology) juxtaposed with the death of Mr. Swayze got me thinking…

What if I was diagnosed with something terminal? How would that change my perspective? What would I do differently?


1. Would I be proud of how I talked about people I loved?

2. Would my kids remember that I was a loving mom or would they remember that I freaked out because water got all over the bathroom tile?

3. Would I have spent so much time on the computer, or would I have taken a break when the girls asked me to play “Ring Around the Rosie”?

4. Would I complain about insignificant things going on in life, or would I take time to listen to my husband’s day?

5. Would I cook or call for delivery?

6. Would I donate more to my checkbook or to charity?

7. Would I get busy dying or get busy living?

8. Have my words and actions glorified God or have they glorifed me?

9. Will my life have mattered?

10. Would I be proud of the legacy I left here on Earth?

I wish I had all the answers to those. Someday. Better run, though, a game of “Ring Around the Rosie” is calling…


  1. helgothjb on September 16, 2009 at 10:21 pm

    I love the idea's Patrick Swayze's death has cause you to (and now us to ponder). That shows the beauty of your life. But I have to ask, (because) I am me, can one seperate the regligion and lack of morality of professional choices from the man? It is beautiful when someone makes fantastic choices (his marriage and fight against cancer) and those get time in the media, but I am really struggling with all the quote and individuals who are suggesting they want to watch Dirty Dancing now. Just my thoughts.

  2. Kathryn on September 17, 2009 at 12:50 am

    Jenny, here's my two cents. I think we have to be careful calling out which sins are more sinful than another. Reality is, in God's eyes, they all have the same weight. And, we're all sinners as much as we don't like to admit it. I'm certainly not advocating that we all go out and stockpile all Swayze's movies. But, there are lessons to be learned even in movies that challenge our morality. That, I think is what we're called to do. To find God in secular society. It wasn't until I saw DD as an adult that I saw how it conflicted, morally, with where I am today. But, would I watch it again? Absolutely. With my kids? Not yet. There are so many teachable moments, though. Those we should never be afraid to confront. That and the beauty that each of us – celebrity or not – was fearfully and wonderfully made for a purpose.

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