Top Ten: Things I Miss

We all have a list somewhere – whether written down or in our noggins – of things gone by that we would love to have back. Sometimes, we’re driving down the road and said missed item/experience pops in our heads and we smile with a little regret, a little nostalgia. Seeing life through our nutso lens the last few weeks has allowed me reflect on those little bits and I thought I’d share them with you. Feel free to share your own…


1. The attendants at the gas station that pumped your gas, washed your windows and checked your tire pressure – all because it was their job.

2. Going to the Woolworth’s in my dad’s hometown, sitting at the barstool, ordering a fountain Dr. Pepper and putting it on my grandparent’s “tab”. Man, those were good times.

3. Riding bikes and playing with the ‘hood kids until Mom yelled out “Dinnertime!” I so wish I could do that with my kids.

4. Michael Jackson, circa 1988.

5. Eating at K-Bob’s…my all-time favorite restaurant as a kid growing up in the Texas Panhandle. I think I raided the sunflower seeds at the chuckwagon salad bar everytime.

6. Going snow skiing every Christmas. Bonus of living 4 hours from Angel Fire, NM.

7. Smoking candy cigarettes with my cousins at my great-grandmother’s house. We thought we were so darn cool. And, of course, we were. (bonus if you can figure out which one is me…don’t let the haircut fool you)

8. Playing “Sardines” with said cousins. It’s like hide and seek but the opposite. You went around finding the one that was “it” and packed in like sardines. The last one to find you, lost.

9. Being pregnant the first time. Not that I haven’t enjoyed every pregnancy since, because I have/am. But, the first has some special memories, most definitely excluding the 8 days overdue part. That stunk.

10. Riding on my grandpa’s lap well before age 16 and steering the car down Main Street in Dumas. He and I would totally get jailed for that now.

Tune in tomorrow when I share some fun pics and stories from the 4th…

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  1. Kelley on July 9, 2009 at 9:44 pm

    Love this list! Especially #7, 8 & 9! Besides candy cigarettes, i also thought "Big League Chew" was pretty cool. Come to think of it, its probably high time I bought the boys their 1st pouch!

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