7th Inning Stretch

Last weekend, we had a blast at the ballpark. I’m a fan of the diamond, but especially a fan when my 6-month pregnant self is watching it in air conditioning. We were invited to enjoy the game at the Dell Diamond in one of the suites and it was, well…sweet
Will and one of his buddies from school

Just after nap, I noticed my usually bouncing-off-the-walls #2 son was not, in fact, bouncing off the walls. After a hand to the head, I realized he had a fever. Gametime decision. We gave it a couple of hours and then decided to go to the game with a little children’s motrin in hand. We didn’t quite make it to the seventh inning when he started complaining that his head hurt and he promptly fell asleep on my lap. The motrin was wearing off. So, I said adios to Scott and Will, loaded up the other three and drove like a maniac to get home.

Good thing #1.

As soon as we walked in the door, I ushered him to the bathroom.

Good thing #2.

He threw up in the toilet.

Bad thing #955.

After getting the girls to bed in lightning speed (and I do mean super-human speed…I clocked it at 90 seconds to change both, gives kisses / hugs and lights out), I tended to the sick and injured. That was his only occurence, thank God, and he slept like a champ. 24 hours later fever was gone and he was back to the bouncing.

Even though the night was cut short, the kids rocked it at the ballpark. It was some fun times. Man, does summer really have to end?

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