Lucky 13

And in the blink of an eye here we are, celebrating wedding anniversary #13 today! It’s hard to think back to “the people we once were” and realize how far we’ve come.

Worried about spilling wax on my dress after blowing out the unity candle.

Couldn’t remember any of the newly learned Catholic prayers.

Wondering what it would be like to have freedom as a newly married couple all on our own.

Thinking I had parenthood all figured out.

Frustrated that I didn’t eat darn near anything at the wedding.

Hoping we don’t have an ER visit this week.

With 4 active kids, I recite the Hail Mary so many times I don’t even blink.

Wondering when the next time is that Scott and I will have a “free” weekend to ourselves.

Knowing I don’t know a dern thing about parenthood.

Frustrated that we don’t have more Blue Bell to eat – 3 gallons of choices is not enough.

Yep, things have changed alright…

One unexpected change is this, though. I really, truly, did not think it was possible to love Scott any more on July 27, 1996. Oh, how little I really knew. This man – this amazing father and husband – has taught me so much about love. I often joke we have “grown-up” love. God has given us many moments of challenges, many moments of joy and whole lot of moments in between. It was in all those moments that we began to peel back the layers of love.

You know when you peel an onion and it has that sweet aroma? I think God has allowed us to see each other in bits and pieces, to enjoy the sweetness of marriage. And, we’ve learned about ourselves along the way, too. Sometimes good. Um, sometimes not. But, we’re in it together and we’re committed to making it work. Somedays easy. Somedays notsomuch.

Happy Anniversary sweetheart!

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  1. amanda on July 27, 2009 at 5:17 pm

    How sweet! Have a happy day you guys! You deserve it. Me and Daniel are so blessed to have a big brother and sister we can look up to and learn from.
    It is crazy how with each milestone in marriage – you love your partner more and more. Creating a life with that person really makes your heart explode!

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