The Recital

At some point, those of us with girls become ballet moms. I had the soccer gig down pretty good, but the ballet/tap/tumbling gig was a whole new world. Anna-Laura had her first recital the weekend we moved – my apologies for being a wee bit late. Aunt Amanda was kind enough to volunteer to be the recital practice momma for me. They had a blast, I hear…making bracelets backstage while waiting for their turn, coloring and – the icing on the cake – enjoying a burger with Aunt Amanda. Man, I sure hope she and Uncle Daniel have a girl so I can return the favor!!

Our little ballerina could not have made us more proud. Usually, when they have parent visitation day, she would whine, not do any of the steps and be a real stick in the mud. I was preparing for the worst at the recital. Hey, with 4-year-old ballerina’s, it’s a crap shoot. You never know what the roll of the dice will bring. But, I was practically beaming in that dark recital hall when she danced like a pro, smiling the whole time, during the big show. She looked like she was totally in her element and way too grown up for this mom. Where did her cute little toddler belly go? It was replaced by skinny little legs, a little makeup and hair long enough to put into a bun. Man, that was fast.

Here’s to many more recitals, many more cute outfits that will make their way to the dress-up closet and many more sweet memories with my kids.

ALGie – we love you!

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