It’s Official

We have finally, FINALLY said goodbye to P-town. In a saga that really doesn’t merit re-telling, we closed on our house today, after a 10-day delay. Here are a few “quotes” I don’t ever want mentioned again:

“It’s a great offer, she’s a USDA buyer.”

“It looks like we’ll get paperwork in the morning and close tomorrow.”

“That shouldn’t cause a delay.”

“USDA is only on a 5-day backup.”

And, my personal favorite…

“You’re so lucky that your house sold in 8 days.” Funny, since it took TEN to close it.

All kidding and major frustration aside…we did it. We managed to get through all the mayhem and craziness and close a chapter in Team Whitaker’s history. I couldn’t bring myself to go look at the house again. Too many sweet memories are stored there. I want to keep them just as they are. And, here’s hoping that the house provides just as many for other families.

So, we start anew here in north Austin. The boxes are making their way back to Eco Box (a great way to actually GET money for all those boxes you borrowed or bought and save the environment), the kids are settling into their new rooms and our paint rollers are getting geared up for a busy weekend. Or, should I say Scott’s paint rollers?

Many thanks to those of you who called, emailed, prayed and brought us some meals the past week. It’s been more than I thought we could handle. Really.

This weekend, we’ll get you all caught up. If you ever thought life could be boring, you clearly haven’t met our family. Make it a great weekend!

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