Haircut Numero Uno!

Proof that Clare’s slowly, but surely, leaving babyhood behind. Last week, we scheduled the first haircut. Yes, I’ve been in denial for over a year. But, come on. With those cute curls would you be skipping to get it cut either? She was so patient and just played with the hairclip while Kristen snipped away.

Fortunately, the curls are still intact and we just gave her a quick trim. I made the mistake of cutting off all John Paul’s curls and I swore I would never do that again. Never.

For a little perspective, here’s ALG at her first, just about two years ago. Yes, they’re sisters 🙂

Another year to celebrate is coming up for Clare. Another year. Sheez. I joke this is why I keep having babies, to avoid the inevitable. I know, I know. The fat lady will sing, at some point, but go with me on this one. Hey, at least I didn’t cry when she happily jumped up on the chair. This week we may be a bit hit or miss. VBS started today and it’s totally kicking my hiney. I’m not as young as I used to be with all that crazy volunteer mom energy. We’ll get you some cute pics and update later in the week on our fun times at Crocodile Dock. So far, winner in the kids’ book.
And, as if life weren’t crazy enough, seems as if crazy has, in fact, made himself comfortable here. But, I’ll keep you in suspense until tomorrow. Why share all the goods on a Monday?
Lator gators!

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