Top Ten: Dads Rock

I know, we’re on a time delay around here. So, it didn’t get posted on THE day, but it is posted TODAY. Living in the present, right?

Dads. I thought I knew how that whole thing rolled until Scott became one. I distinctly remember him standing up at church that first Father’s Day, Will must’ve been three months old. We totally had parenthood figured out. I mean, of course, we still do. Ahem.

There are so many things to love about Scott, my dad, my grandfather and the many father figures in my life. The one that stands out among them all is their ability to love, without restriction, their children. I love that my kids yell out “Papa” and run screaming into his arms everytime they see him. I love that my kids fight over the telephone to talk to “Great Papa” when he calls. I love that the kids go bonkers when they hear the garage door open and Daddy walks in the door.

So, here it is, this week’s…


1. I love that when I see the kids with Scott they’re learning how a heavenly father can love them so much, because their earthly father does it so well.

2. I love that when he lets them eat ice cream for dinner he’s the ‘best dad in the world’, I’m merely being nice when I afford such a pleasure.

3. I love that he knows how to be patient when I’m not.

4. I love that the kids make him laugh so much. His laugh is the best.

5. I love that everyday, when he comes home, he gets kisses galore from the kids. But, no matter what, he always makes mine the last kiss so they can see how much he loves being a husband. I totally dig that.

6. I love that he makes our marriage a priority even when life is hectic.

7. I love how he never complains when he’s asked to watch ‘Star Wars’ for the nine billionth time. Although, now that I type that, I don’t really think that’s a sacrifice?

8. I love how he tells the kids that he loves them…no matter what. And, in the midst of a crying fit, one of the other siblings will usually shout that sentiment out.

9. I love how he relishes teaching the kids how to throw a ball, plant a garden, ride a bike, pull a tooth – you name it.

10. I love that God chose him to be the father of our children. There is no better one around.


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