Happy Birthday to the Will.i.ams!

Today is a special day…grandson and grandfather share a birthday and a pretty sweet first name. When I went into labor 8 years ago, the night before my dad’s birthday, 8 DAYS OVERDUE, I never dreamed what a special occasion it would become. Scott’s dad had William as his first name, too, so there was never a question what Master Will’s name would be. Here’s a quick walk down memory lane…

Just a mere 6 days old.
Believe it or not, in a land far, far away, we were a quaint little family of 3.
Our first year back in Texas


with Granny and Poppy
And then we were 5!


2007 (again) with Papa Bill at his 60th!

At the bowling alley and in Indiana with his Godparents, Fr. Kevin and Carla

Will, I cannot believe you are 8. You are smart and funny and so darn sweet, when you want to b,e anyway. You love to read, you love to fight with your brother and you love to give your sisters kisses, even when they don’t want them. Somedays I wish I could stop time.

May the world never taint your faith or your spirit. Rather, may you flourish in a society that desperately needs strong men of faith, conviction and principle. With every day, we are thankful that God gave you to us first. There is no better “biggest” brother than you. We love you, more.


  1. Jennifer on March 27, 2009 at 2:08 pm

    Happy Birthday to Will…and Bill.

  2. amanda on March 27, 2009 at 5:54 pm

    Happy Birthday Willy Wonka! I can’t believe I first met you when you were 3 going on 4?? Can that be right! Man life goes by fast!

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