Excuse the interruption

My guess is our guest blogger is one tired traveler. We’ve been doing just fine here on the stateside front…thanks to some really great friends and family who have pitched in to help at just the right moment. You know who you are – a bazillion thank yous.

So, in the time that Scott’s been gone, Clare has learned to climb even higher than before. This girl’s a monkey. And she learned a new word, when asked, “Where’s Daddy?” Her response is, “Iteee.”

Anna-Laura has perfected her role as a supporting actress in fit throwing. She threw a doozie at dinner the other night. She’s also sporting some fancy new boots from Granny, which really add to the whole diva thing.

John Paul has grown up into such a mature 5-year-old. He and Will were total angels tonight at Mass. Proof that my husband has some powerful prayers.

And, Will, my sweet, responsible Will. While he too, has had his moments this week, he has been a fantastic “man of the house.” I’ve been catching glimpses of what a fine young man he’s turning into and it makes this momma proud.

Tune in tomorrow, I’m sure Scott will be back in the saddle. Until then, make it a great weekend.

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