Firenze! Day five.

Today we headed to Firenze (Florence for my American friends). I must say, Fr. Kevin had it right going to Assisi and taking day trips. That bus ride to Florence was brutal and we didn’t get nearly enough time there to see everything and shop.

Upon arrival, we headed to the Academy and saw David. To our Indy friends, be thankful you got to take pictures because they don’t allow it now. This one is from Piazzale Michelangelo above Florence and is the best I could do.

We then headed to the Duomo (St. Mary of the Flower) and saw the Cathedral, Baptistry and Dante’s Inferno. Inside, I prayed and lit a candle for all those that requested prayers back home. I hope it brightens your day.

Then a walk over to Santa Croce for lunch and shopping. This is where it gets good. We have been looking at pitchers to add to our vase collection from Italy and I search all over Florence in less than one hour for a pitcher. I was about to give up when I decided to try one more street and guess what…a little ceramic store! I bought this really nice pitcher, now I just have to get it home…

Now the sad part, in the words of Lynne Neiers – we cry and we move on. I was really looking for a new leather bag for Kathryn and I just couldn’t find what I was looking for so I left Florence without leather. I guess she will just have to buy those high heels in Paris……

Then back on the bus for a quick visit to the Piazzle and then back to Roma to the hotel.

Finally, dinner with Paolo and Patrizia for the last time. Paolo picked me up and we headed to their house for dinner. Why is the pasta so much better in Italy? Thanks Patrizia for the wonderful food and thanks Paolo for the mirto…again. For the nightcap, Paolo took me to Pompi, the first and best tiramusu in Rome. Yet again, Paolo saved the best for last.

Big day with the other two major basilicas….one my favorite…St. Paul Outside the Walls. Keep praying and the pictures will follow…er, just keep praying gang!

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