Field Trip!

If you’ve ever zipped by the blinking light on I-35, just south of Georgetown and thought to yourself, that Inner Space Cavern is such a tourist trap…I’m here to tell you that you’re wrong.

Yeah, they have the tacky gift shop at the conclusion of the tour, the overpriced snack bar and the sometimes cheesy tour guides. BUT, this cave is the real deal. And for 44 second-graders, it was the bomb. Admittedly, lots of us old folks thought it was pretty cool too (except for the bat factor – those thinks fuh-reak me out). Scott was super dad and stayed home to watch the other three, while I got to enjoy the day with Will. What a fun day.

The hole where the highway workers drilled…they finally lowered a guy down the hole to see why the drill bit kept falling off. Wonder how that all went down. “Hey, Larry, I’ll give you 50-bucks to go down that hole.”

Straw Alley. Each of these guys grows an inch…every 100 years!

Mining for gems. We had about the same luck we did when we mined for diamonds on the Arkansas family vacation!

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