What a fun weekend

I hope yours was full of the same.

Saturday night, Scott and I gave our kids kisses and hugs and said “good luck” to the babysitter and headed over to the school’s gala, the St. Valentine Soiree. We got all dressed up, chatted with friends, ate great food and even snuck in a dance to “Amarillo by Morning” by our beloved George Strait. What a fantastic evening.

When we moved back to Texas, we started a little Valentine’s tradition with the parentals, when Daniel moved back he joined the fun, then we added wife Amanda and this year, we added our super-fun cousins. Our Sunday gathering is always a great dinner (the salmon rocked, Dad) with lots of laughs and good family time. Holly, that dessert was…wow. We need the recipe. Maybe I’ll post it on the blog!!

Today, we’re enjoying NO SCHOOL – that’s right, we’re just now getting ready to eat breakfast and I’m enjoying my sweat pants. Doesn’t get any better than that. It’s a busy week, as usual, but I’m thankful that it gets to start like this!

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