Top Ten: Travel Destinations

Oh, how we love to travel. We got bit by the overseas bug back in 2000, on our first trip to Italy. There was something quite enchanting and exciting about seeing how people in another culture live. We even met some dear friends in Rome and have stayed in touch. They are us…just a few thousand miles away, with very fabulous Italian accents.

We’re getting ready to make another trek to Europe (France this time!!) and it’s gotten us excited all over again. So, what’s your destination station? Here’s mine!


1. The Holy Land. We’ve already been to Aggieland…I’m talking about the “other” holyland. My parents went several years back and that got Scott and I thinking. To see the Bible come alive would be just, well, amazing.

2. Greece. I’m a bit of a history buff (compliments of my history teacher Mom) and Greece just oozes that stuff. Someday.

3. Ireland/Scotland/England. My family roots are part English, so going there would be a great way to connect to my ancestry.

4. China. After watching the Olympics (all 20+ days), I became intrigued about this country that has so much history, so much tradition. And, who wouldn’t want to see the Great Wall of China?

5. Russia. Or, if you’re a child of the 80s, the USSR. I know they’re a land of sub-zero winters, great gymnasts and the KGB – but I would love to discover more. Much of what happens in Russia seems to be such a secret, but we’ve visited with folks who have been and their stories are amazing.

6. Argentina. Growing up in the Texas panhandle, we had some family friends from Argentina. They spoke about their homeland with such affection that it made an impact on me as a kid. And, that history factor has me wanting to visit.

7. Germany. While I worked at FFA, we had a soft-spoken speaker, Gerda Klein, who reflected on her time in a concentration camp. It was life-changing to hear her witness. It doesn’t seem possible that humanity can be that cruel, but then I think of Rwanda and Darfur and know differently. My great-grandmother was a good German woman and I often wonder how our family might have been affected had we been in Germany then.

8. Switzerland. Ah, the land of peacemakers, great watches and stellar snow skiing. Matt Lauer went there on one of his “Where in the world is Matt Lauer” and I’ve been intrigued ever since.

9. Australia. Oh my, the land down under. Scott and I were all set to go there for the honeymoon and then realized because of the Olympics going on at the same time, all flights headed that direction were booked. Major bummer. We’re going to get there, that’s a promise.

10. Egypt. Talk about some serious history; we’re talking B.C. people. Doesn’t that just amaze you? B.C. I’d probably have to take my own stash of food. As willing as I am to jump on a plane, the thought of diving into food that takes a leap of faith…well, let’s just say I’m not quite as adventurous.

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