Top Ten: Papa the Great

Well, your calendars may say Thursday, but I’m going with Wednesday. Here it is!


1. His blue eyes. Fortunately, this brown-eyed girl carried that recessive gene. Combine it with my hubby’s blue eyes and voila – 4 kids with eyes just like my grandpa.

2. His service to our country. He’s a WWII veteran, a tailgunner. I’ve had the privilege of hearing some of those war stories. As a parent, I treasure them even more and everday my admiration for his sacrifice grows deeper.

3. His amazing woodworking skills. He’s a master in the workshop. Step aside Norm Abrams, you’ve got nothing on Jack. Our house is full of his masterpieces and I’ll be so proud to give them to my kids someday.

4. His laugh. He likes to tell jokes – some a little off-color – but he sure does like to laugh. And, at 83, laughter is a beautiful thing.

5. His optimism. Certainly, being a war veteran, then losing two wives must wear on your soul. Despite all that, he’s proof that happiness can be found at any age. You just have to be willing to look for it.

6. His energy. He and his wife, “Great Betty” (as the kids call her) are still busier than Scott and I! They have bridge, Texas Tech basketball games, dancing, traveling and that hot cup of coffee every morning. Oh, and did I mention he built his own backyard pergula and workshop? He’s an inspiration.

7. His knowledge. As a little girl, I remember riding along in the car while he pointed out endless tidbits of information. Perhaps there was an eye roll or two on my end. But, he kept talking anyway. (thank you for that) Did you know if you’re driving along Highway 287, there’s a mile marker that denotes the start of Potter County and the end of Moore County? Bet you didn’t. I find myself looking for those darn markers everytime we go on a roadtrip…and I usually spot one.

8. His ability to solve a problem. You have never, and I mean NEVER, met a man who can figure out just about any logistical problem like my Papa. Think a dresser won’t fit through that door? Or, that you’d like to build a pergula but it looks too complicated? Meet my Papa. He’s one smart guy.

9. His hugs. As a little girl and now as a grown-up Mom, Papa has always been quick to “hug my neck.” He always told us that he loved us and always expressed his appreciation when we did something for him.

10. His honesty. Perhaps that comes with age, but I’ve never known Papa to tell me something other than the honest-to-goodness truth. There’s no bush to beat around with him. Now you know where I got it 🙂

Papa, I love you. I pray your BIG day was a great one. And, I pray there are many more to celebrate.

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