What was I thinking???

They say the first thing you do when you have a problem, is to admit it. Here goes…

“Hi, my name is Kathryn and I have VD…as in VOLUNTEER DISEASE.”

Yep, card carrying member. Right here. Why is that? Why can I not walk into a room and leave the dishes on the sink? When the homeroom parent calls and needs a dessert, why do I reply, “No problem!” when it really is? When the school gives me a list of things to bring for the Thanksgiving dinner, why don’t I ever sign up for plates and napkins? Ugh. I know I do it to myself.

The solution?

Let’s all say it together…”NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOO” and not feel guilty.

I’m really only typing that for my benefit. Sometimes (ok, alot of times) I want to do it all. Be the fun mom, the superhuman mom, the compassionate mom, the best mom and in spite of all that, I end up getting stressed out.

My cup runneth over in things to do and in little blessings screaming and running outside. So, I think I’ll join them. Until tomorrow, or later this week, when the cup isn’t so darn full.


  1. Shannon on November 19, 2008 at 1:01 pm

    This is a long standing problem K-Whit. I seem to recall a college age Kathryn doing the same thing.

    Finished up my last wedding of the year Sat and after Thursday am free for playing!

  2. Stephanie on November 21, 2008 at 2:56 am

    Can you make me a card member too?!?! Although I think (know) I’ve gotten better, I still have to fight the urge. Two weeks ago they had a list of things to bring for Colson’s Pre-K feast, I was the 1st person to sign up and I signed up for the ONLY thing that had to be cooked…potatoes. The rest of the items on the list? bag of carrots, jar of pickles, cheese, etc. I only have 2 kids so I am sure you are WWWWAAAAYYY overcommitted…but loving every (or most) minute of it huh?

  3. Kathryn on December 3, 2008 at 2:28 pm

    Ok, both of you are banned from reading the blog…you know too much about me!!!

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