Top Ten: Best Spring Breaks

You knew it was coming, right? The weather here rocks (if you’re not in Central Texas, I apologize now for gloating). It was 75 and sunny – just gorgeous – today, which really put me in the mood to reflect on favorite spring breaks. So, here goes…


1. Tour ‘o Texas. Some of you know my mom was a teacher and many of those years were spent teaching Texas history. It was not an option for my brother and I to be ignorant when it came to little known facts about the state. And, trust me, we know many. Quick, how many counties in Texas? 254 did you say? So, back to the trip. My mom received a grant to travel the state, so that we did. Without a doubt, the most memorable was watching her cry, IN THE POURING RAIN, at Stephen F. Austin’s grave while my brother, my dad and I laughed. It sounds mean now, but if you were there, you’d be laughing, too. There are so many memories from this trip, but the best was doing the trip together. It was truly a Griswold Family Trek.

2. Ruidoso, New Mexico. This one was taken my sophomore year in college with my soon-to-be roomie, her boyfriend and Scott. While everyone else hit the slopes, Scott and I had a great time at the White Sands. I wish I had the time to scan the photo of us there. We wrote funny sayings in the sand and did alot of talking/laughing on the trip. I saw the funny side of Scott and we had a blast.

3. Amarillo, 1996. Ok, while that might not sound like a glamorous break, it was WHEN that makes it special. This was my last break, senior year in college, that I spent at home. My mom and I worked like crazy people to finish up the last details of my wedding. It was initially a rocky start with my mom, this planning thing. I was independent (whew, imagine THAT) and she was having a hard time letting go (now I understand why). What a great week. Now I’m getting a bit nostalgic. Sorry.

4. Angel Fire, New Mexico. There were so many breaks we spent in the mountains as a kid growing up. Dumas was only a quick 4-hour car ride away. We always stopped at some dive that you went to the window and placed your order. I just remember the lady that took our order remembered my dad and was nice to us. And, there was the log. It was this old thing that fell down near a spring and had water running from it into the stream. In the winter it froze and it was so cool. Those mountain trips are some of my very best childhood memories.

5. Disneyland. My senior year in high school, the band (yes, I was a band geek) traveled to California to play in the park. That was like one hour of the trip. The rest of the time we spent going to Universal Studios, walking Rodeo Drive, eating at Hard Rock (such a 90s thing to do) and being geeky band nerds in the big city. Um, now I’m thinking this might’ve happened during the Christmas Break? Oh well, it was during a break and we had fun. It stays in the top ten.

6. Winter Park, Colorado. Another band trip, but this one was my sophomore year. Luckily I didn’t break any bones, but I did get left on the mountain and the bus had to come back for me. Stellar moment. But, the snow was incredible. Total powder, completley quiet on the mountain and some of the best skiing I ever did.

7. West Palm Beach, Florida. This was probably more like an Easter trip, but humor me. My parents were living there at the time and invited us down. Certainly warmer than where we were living at the time, Indiana. The weather was warm, conversation was good and the food delicious.

As I write, I’m noticing that most of these are pre-children and many pre-marriage. Wow, we need to get out more.

8. Today. Really, this could’ve gone up further on the list. But, the week’s not over 🙂 Today we spent the afternoon at the Zilker Park Botanical Gardens. Hello. Gorgeous. Then, we spent some time walking / eating our way through Whole Foods. But, that’s a post for later in the week. I’m getting ahead of myself. But, so far, so good on this one.

9. Camping. Yep, we ventured far for this one. Back in 2006, I had 3 kids under the age of 4 and a major back surgery around the corner. This photo really does capture the chaos, and the fun, we have around here. It’s one of my favorites because we spent the break doing what we do everyday…raising a family.

10. Indiana to Texas. Back in 2003, I spent the break watching movers pack up our precious time in Indiana for the move back home. We always knew God would lead us back to the Friendly State, but we weren’t prepared for just how hard saying goodbye to our other family would be. They were there for us when we gave birth to our first baby, when we lost our second, through job changes, lifestyle changes and Italy pilgrimages. It was a time of great growth in our marriage and in our faith. It was there that God led us through a spiritual transformation. Raise a glass to the Crossroads of America. That spring break changed our life.

Our first house in Indy (also our first digital camera…)


  1. Debbie on March 13, 2008 at 12:41 pm

    What memories for me, too! I’m still drying my eyes. Love you…

  2. Kathryn on March 13, 2008 at 8:39 pm

    Good times, weren’t they, Mom?

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